Sustainability at Albion PS

Albion Primary School signed up to become a ResourceSmart School in July 2019 aiming to achieve 5 stars and hold a 5-star rating. 


The ResourceSmart Schools program has five modules:

  1. The Core module sets the groundwork for our school's sustainability journey and assists us to evaluate where we are, where we want to get to, and how it will get there.
  2. The Biodiversity module helps us to protect and improve the land (school grounds and surrounds), the local ecosystem, and plant and animal habitats.
  3. The Waste Module helps schools minimise waste sent to landfill through the operational practices of ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’, and save on bills. In addition to saving money, there are many social and environmental advantages to reducing waste consumption, such as minimising our impact on the environment. At our school, the majority of waste is made up of food, paper and packaging, as well as plastic.

  4. The Energy module helps your school reduce energy use and save on bills. Schools work on energy conservation, energy efficiency, reducing greenhouse gases and improving air quality.
  5. The Water Module assists schools to reduce water use and save on bills. Schools can improve water use on school grounds and through partnering with their community on river health, waterway protection and coastal care projects.


Schools must accomplish a set number of actions to complete a Module to receive a certificate valid for four years. It is recommended that the Core Module is completed first to develop a whole-school environmental management plan. We are working though athe core module as well as the biodiversity and waste modules.


The modules can be completed in any order, or at the same time. Each module includes a minimum number of actions for completion.


You will find reports, policies and other infomation in the boxes below. 


We achieved our first two stars - Core and Biodiversity modules. Well done everyone!




Sustainability Report


Sustainability Update June 2021


Sustainablity Update July 2021 


Sustainablity Update August 2021


Policies - Sustainability and Green Purchasing


Core Module Star and Certificate



Biodiversity Audit Report


Biodiversity Star and Certificate



Can it be Recycled?


Recycling at Albion


Waste Goals and Targets









Grant Information

Woolworths Junior Landcare Grant



School Improvement

School environment improvements