School Vision and Values

Albion Primary School's mission is to 'Aim High' in all we do so that our students grow to be socially capable, reach their full academic potential and become caring, respectful community-minded people.


Our objective is to provide the best possible learning environment for the students to achieve to the best of their ability.
Albion Primary School's vision is that:
- All our students will become life-long learners and responsible community members
- All our staff will support students to achieve the best possible learning outcomes
- All members of the school community embrace the school's values.


Albion Primary School's values are Respect, Care, Honesty, Learning and Achievement.
We show respect for ourselves, our school, each other and the environment. We understand that our attitudes and behaviours have an  impact on the people around us.
We show care by having a zero tolerance of bullying. We model and demonstrate kindness and fairness and take every opportunity to help others that may be in need.
We show honesty by telling the truth, even if we have done the wrong thing. We take responsibility for our own behaviour and actions.
We show learning by having a go at new things. We learn from our mistakes and we are persistent - we do not give up.
We show achievement by always trying our hardest and doing our best. We celebrate our successes.


Statement of Values