Visual Arts

All students work with a Visual Arts specialist teacher each week. They work on exploring ideas, experiences observations and imagination, culture and times to create visual artworks.

They experiment and explore with different materials, techniques and processes to make artworks in a range of art forms.

Students create and display art works, enhancing meaning and considering how ideas can be expressed.

They respond to visual artworks, describing subject matter and how ideas are expressed.


An Art Show was held at the end of term 3, 2018. It was a celebration of the art works created by all of the students across the school over the course of the first three terms.
Each class created a class piece of art that was auctioned. Competition from the parents was fierce - raising the bids to secure their child's class piece of work.
Thank you to everyone who came along and supported the students and the school. Thank you to the families who donated back the class art work they purchased at the auction so that it can be displayed in the school.