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OSH Club

OSH Club is out of school hours care.Albion Primary School has an arrangement with St Theresa's Primary School so that students and families from both schools can utilise the before and after school care.

Calendar Dates

Calendar dates are added to regularly and sometimes they change. Please keep track of the calendar as we progress through the year.

2024 - 2030 School Term Dates

For your information, term dates are listed below from 2024 - 2030

Before and After School Supervision

Student safety at Albion Primary School is our highest priority and the safe and appropriate supervision of students is an important element of our duty of care to students.


It is the parent's responsibility to ensure their child is attending school. Please help your child do their very best by making sure they are at school every day and on time (except when they are unwell).

On-Line Safety Basics

The eSafetyCommissioner website has some terrific resources for parents to help navigate and educate children about being online safely.

Playground before and after school

Children must be supervised by their own parent if they want to play on the playground before or after school.

Every Day Counts

Every day counts A friendly reminder about the importance of students attending school each day. Below is a chart showing how missed days impact on our students’ learning and achievement.

Collaborative Mural

Albion Primary School has been working in collaboration with Victoria University's Design and Graphics department to create the mural on one of our blank walls.

ResourceSmart School

Since signing up to be a ResourceSmart school in September 2019, we have been working towards gaining our 5-star rating.


Usually SunSmart sends information to the schools to help support the students.