The videos below are for you and you child to have a look at, and listen to, what school life is like at Albion Primary School. Please note the videos were made in 2020. While the videos may refer to starting school in 2021, they are helpful for whenever your child starts school so you can get a better picture about what their days may look like at Albion. Many thanks to the Foundation teachers and students for their contribution in making and putting the vidoes together.






Click on the link below to download and print an enrolment pack. You can also pick up a pack from school. Complete all of the forms in the pack and drop it off at school. You must also provide school with proof of birthdate with a birth certificate, passport or ImmiCard and immunisation certificate. The office staff will take a copy of documents if you cannot provide copies.


Enrolment Pack



Please read the Department's Enrolment and Placement Policy



If you are not sure if Albion is your local school, please refer to the Find My School website. The link is below.


Find My School website




We also require your child's Immunisation History Statement certificate. The certificate must have the clause - 

‘This child has received all vaccines required by 5 years of age.’

Click on the link below to view an example of the correct certificate. You can get it from a MediCare office or online from the MyGov website (your MyGov account needs to be linked to MediCare).


The school will take a copy of original document if you are unable to provide a copy.


Immunisation Information





The Ready for School Checklist has lots of great ideas to help get you and your child ready for school. Click on the link to have a look.


Ready for School Checklist



Everyday at Albion Primary School is an open day. Come and see the school during a real school day. Please ring on 9311 1325 to organise a tour at a mutually convenient time. (Please note that at this time, due to COVID restrictions, we are unable to conduct tours).


An important part of enrolling is to ensure your child can participate in our K - Foundation (Prep) transition program that commences in November. This program allows us to get to know your child and it helps us place students in classes. Only students who are enrolled can take part in the program. We would appreciate enrolments by the start of September in order to arrange the appropriate resources. You are still able to enrol after this time but your child may miss out on their involvement in the transition program.