Albion had been used as a name in the Sunshine district for about 140 years. It goes back to the days when most of the settlers here were migrants from England. A township or village was set up in about 1850 when an association was formed with the intent to buy land from the government. The name 'Albion' was possibly chosen because a rule of the association was that each member must be an Englishman. The streets in the area were named after English counties. In December 1854, the month of Eureka, some parents signed a petition for a school in Albion. This became Albion School No. 6. Maps of 1868 and 1879 show the school as being located between Somerset and Lancaster Streets, the area once taken up by the Duke Street quarries, north of Ballarat Road. 


The current school, Albion Primary School, No 4265 opened in 1926. It was built on a site once owned by John Fitzgerald (1850s). The land was later acquired by H. V. McKay who had transferred his Sunshine Harvester Works to the area in 1905 - 7. In 1920, the Albion railway station was moved nearer Ballarat Road at the request of Mr McKay. More people came to live in the area including soldier settlers.


Information from:

Olwen Ford, Albion Primary School No. 4265, 75th Anniversary 1926 - 2001 booklet.



2016 marked the 90th anniversary of Albion Primary School. A celebration of the anniversary was held on Saturday 22nd October 2016, attended by over 400 people across the day. 


The school holds many fond memories for many people. Wherever you go, you can usually find someone who has some sort of connection to Albion Primary School. That connection continues today. 


in 2026, the school will celebrate its 100th anniversary. We look forward to this occasion.