Out of School Hours Care

Albion Primary School students are able to access the Out of School Hours Care program at St Theresa's Primary School. This program is still running during remote learning.

After registering your child in the program, you are able to book in for before and/or after school care. 

If you are using before school care, you drop your child at St Theresa's in the morning and a worker walks the students to Albion Primary School. If you are using the after school care, a worker collects the students from Albion Primary School, walks them to St Theresa's and you collect your child from St Theresa's.


St Theresa's uses Albion Primary School's oval for interschool sport and some of the school's equipment at various times throughout the year. St Theresa's also uses Delicious Servings, a company that works from the Albion Primary School canteen, as their lunch order supplier.