It is a Department of Education and Training and school requirement that all student absences must be explained. If a child is away from school, it is the responsiblity of the parent/carer to contact the school and provide an explanation for that absence.

There are a number of ways parents/carers can inform the school if their child is away:

  • Phone the school and leave a message on the automated system or speak to someone in the office
  • Complete an absence form on the school’s website and submit it
  • Email albion.ps@education.vic.gov.au
  • Use Compass Management System - Parent Portal - to record an absence

Schools have to approve all absences. Illness or a medical appointment is a legitimate reason for keeping a child away from school. These sorts of absences are approved. If you know of absences in advance, please let us know and we can enter the date into the system.

Going shopping, keeping children home if it is cold or wet or celebrating a birthday are not legitimate reasons for student absence. You still need to inform us of these reasons but these sorts of absences are marked as 'Parent Choice - Unapproved'.

All absence data is sent to the Department of Education and Training (DET) daily. Absence data is also recorded in students' semester academic reports.

Students who have many absences are 'flagged' by the school and by DET. The school is questioned on absence data by regional and departmental staff.

It is the also parent's responsibility to ensure their child is attending school. Please help your child do their very best by making sure they are at school every day (except when they are unwell).

If your child is showing any COVID symptoms, do not send them to school. You will be called to come and pick them up. A Rapid Anigen Test is recommended. Only send them back to school when they are well. 

Attendance rolls are marked twice a day. Unless contact is made between the family and the school, students are marked as absent without an explanation. This is not a good thing. Please help us by informing the school if and why your child cannot attend.