Before and After School Supervision

Staff supervise children in the school yard on the ball courts, courtyard and ashphalt areas before school from 8:50 to 9:00am and after school from 3:20 to 3:35pm.

Outside of these times, supervision is the responsibility of parents or guardians.

If children want to use the playground or be in the garden with the chickens (even during the times above) they must be supervised by their own parent or guardian or in a mutual arrangement with another parent who has agreed to supervise your child.

Once children have been picked up in the afternoon, and they remain in the school grounds, supervision is the responsibility of the person who picked them up.

Every now and then, we have specific activities, such as Breakfast Club or sports training/clinics before or after school. These activities are supervised. Students participating in them are able to be in the area pertaining to that activity, without their parent or guardian.

Some students are being dropped off at school way too early. While the school is open, general yard supervsion does not start until 8:50am. OSH Club is available for those families who need to drop students off early. You need to enrol in OSH Club and then book as required.

If children are in the yard before 8:50am and it is raining, they are to go undercover.

If it is still raining at 8:50am, an announcement will be made for students to go into their classrooms, at which time, class teachers will take over the supervision. It is not the responsibility of the office manager to supervise students before or after school.