The numbers of students who have enrolled for 2021 is increasing steadily. If you have a child starting school next year, you need to enrol then as soon as possible.

If your child turns five by 30th April 2021, they are able to start school next year.

You can download an enrolment form from the school's website (Policies, Documents & Forms tab) or call to request a form that you will be able to pick up.

You will need to provide proof of birth date with a birth certificate, passport or Immicard and an immunisation certificate that is available from Medicare offices or the MyGov website. The school can take a copy of original documents.

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer face to face tours at this time (due to COVID). You will find a link on the homepage for a virtual tour.

The staff at Albion Primary School are working on the transition program for enrolled students. At this stage, we are preparing a flexible transition program in case we have to do it remotely. We hope that will not be the case, but we are getting ready for that possibility.

Only students who have enrolled can take part in the school's transition program so it is important to make sure you submit your child's enrolment form sooner rather than later.

Information regarding transition has been sent to those families who have already enrolled their child. Please make sure you get your child's enrollment in so you do not miss the information.