Building Works Update

We have moved into the new facilities and while there is still a lot to do, all areas are up and running.

Within Block A, there is a new entrance to the school, a new foyer, interview room and offices, a new First Aid room, new staffroom, an amubulant toilet and a meeting room for teachers. 

Students are beginning to come through the new area and we look forward to parents being able to see it as soon as possible. Following are some more photos of some of these spaces.

Main Entrance

Main office

Interview Room


Over the holidays, some of the defects in the new area will be addressed. The rest of the corridor in Block A (original building) is being patched and painted to match the new area. The lino is also being replaced to match. Some repairs to the windows around Block A are being addressed.
There will also be some plumbing works, rekeying of padlocks and other works.