Important News - School Closure

Dear Parents/Gaurdians,
The premier and the Department of Education have officially informed schools that the school holidays will be brought forward to commence on Tuesday 24th March. Consequently, today, Monday 23rd is the final day for term one.

Dear Parents/Gaurdians,

Today is the last day of term for students before starting holidays.
Having said this, for the period Tuesday 24th – Friday 27th March, care and supervision programs will be available for students in Prep to Year 6 for the children of essential services workers during school hours. Examples of essential services may include health, police, corrections, youth justice and emergency services workers.


If you work in essential services and need to send your child to school this week, please contact 9311 1325 or email to confirm your child’s attendance on any specific days this week. This will allow us to put appropriate arrangements in place.

There will be lots of questions as we move through the next few weeks and months and we will not always have the answers. I know that everyone I have been dealing with over the last few weeks is doing their best.

Our staff have been doing an outstanding job in caring for our students.

It is expected that school will resume on Wednesday 15th April however, this may change, depending on the circumstances at the time. 

I realise this situation is going to cause much disruption to families and to our students. However, it is for the safety of everyone with the efforts in trying to contain the virus.

Schools are being provided with directives and advice daily, often many times during the day. I will continue to inform you as often as I can with relevant information. However, I ask for your patience and understanding, your care and respect as we all navigate our way through this challenging situation we find ourselves in.

Please remember, no matter what is going on:

  • Respect and compassion are not cancelled
  • Care and kindness are not cancelled
  • Honesty is not cancelled
  • Learning and achieving are not cancelled
  • Relationships are not cancelled 

Let us focus on all of the good things that are still happening and what we can do to support each other.

Adrienne Williamson