School Council News

The Department of Education and Training has advised that the minimum number of school council meetings that a school must have in a year has been reduced from eight to six. As such, the August meeting has been cancelled. The next meeting of the school council will be on Monday 14th September.

At the last meeting of the Albion Primary School Council, held on Monday 15th June, a new Homework policy was approved. You will find the policy on the school's website.

The School Council members also went through a self-evalation process, rating itself on various components of school governance. While we rated most components of what we do as a council as 'established', there were a few that require further development and possibly some training.

I would like to thank the council members for the respect and care they demonstrated in completing this self-evaluation as a group. There was a trust and honesty in the discussion.

The school council members are as follows:

Parent members:

Naomi Harper (President)

Adam Bird (Vice President)

Sandra McRitchie

Katie Connolly

Courtney Morrison

Cathryn Kay (Treasurer)

DET members

Andrea Murray

Jann Turner (Minute Secretary)

Lorraine Parnis

Adrienne Williamson (Principal and Executive Officer)

Community member:

Lise Kaufman