School Council News

At the annual meeting of the school council held on 16th March, the 2019 annual report was presented. The report is available to view on the school’s website.

After the annual meeting, the new school council had its first meeting. At this meeting, Sandra McRitchie was nominated to fill the parent member casual vacancy for one year. Lise Kaufman was nominated to fill a community member position. Lise is involved with the Kororoit Creek Neighbourhood House. Office bearers were also elected.

The full school council is as follows:

Parent members:

Naomi Harper (President)

Adam Bird (Vice President)

Sandra McRitchie

Katie Connolly

Courtney Morrison

Cathryn Kay (Treasurer)

DET members

Andrea Murray

Jann Turner (Minute Secretary)

Lorraine Parnis

Adrienne Williamson (Executive Officer)

Community member:

Lise Kaufman

A number of policies were approved. They included: Statement of Values and School Philosophy, Administration of Medication, Health Care Needs, Inclusion and Diversity. The Statement of Values and School Philosophy policy is available to view on our website. The new Medication Authority form, that parents need to complete if medication is required to be given to students at school, is also available on the website.

If you are unable to view the website, you are welcome to come to the school office and request a copy of any of the policies.