School Council News

At the last meeting of the Albion Primary School Council, held remotely via the Webex platform on Monday 14th September, a number of decisions were made that have an impact for parents.

Firstly, School Council approved the updated Dress Code policy. There are no changes to the school uniform or the rules around wearing the uniform; it has merely been updated to reflect current Departmental guidelines. You can find a copy of the updated policy on the school's website (Policies, Documents and Forms).

School Council members also decided that the school will move forward in organising an EFTPOS/Credit Card facility to assist with school payments.

In terms of payments, parent payment arrangements for 2021 were also approved. This includes the charge for essential school items. This charge will remain at $105.00 per child for 2021. It has not increased in ten years and council could not find a reason to increase it next year. You will receive information regarding parent payments for 2021 mid way through term 4.

You may (or may not) remember from information provided earlier this year, that the school went through its process of review. In Victoria, schools are reviewed periodically to make sure they are meeting the minimum standards and other requirements for registration. Schools complete a self-evaluation against the minimum standards and how they have progressed against the goals set in the school’s strategic plan (2017 – 2020). A panel is formed to conduct the review. The panel for Albion's review consisted of: an external departmental chosen school improvement reviewer, the Deer Park/Sunshine network of school’s (of which Albion is a member) Senior Education Improvement Leader, principal of the school, two challenge partners (who were other principals), school council president or representative, staff members and student representatives.

Even though the review process happened during the first wave of COVID in term one, we were able to complete it. While everything was held up due the pandemic, the final report was received in July and the school's new strategic plan (2020 - 2024) has been endorsed by the Department, the school's Senior Education Improvement Leader and by School Council President, Naomi Harper earlier this week. You will find a copy of the School Strategic Plan (SSP) on the website (Policies, Documents and Forms).

Annual Implementation Plans (AIP) are developed to determine what the school will focus on and do each year to work towards achieving the goals from the SSP by 2024. Due to COVID, this year's AIP will most likey be carried forward into 2021. It is unknown at this stage whether or not future school reviews will move back a year.

The school council members are as follows:

Parent members:

Naomi Harper (President)

Adam Bird (Vice President)

Katie Connolly

Courtney Morrison

Sandra McRitchie

Cathryn Kay (Treasurer)

DET members

Andrea Murray

Jann Turner (Minute Secretary)

Lorraine Parnis

Adrienne Williamson (Principal and Executive Officer)

Community member:

Lise Kaufman