Book Week

What a SUPER day it was!

Albion Academy of Super Powers was teaming with SUPERbly dressed students and staff on Wednesday 21st August as we celebrated Book Week.

In a rather cosy Multi Purpose room we paid homage to our wonderful students and the Super Powers that they demonstrate daily. We also celebrated our love of reading by dressing up and having our book character parade.

The winning characters for this year were:

Prep A            Lucas and Mauie

Prep B            Nila and Persephone

12A                Alex and Noah

12B                Leah and Thomas

12C                Eric and Paia

34A                Ava and Eben

34B                Tatjana and Zac

56A                Aluel and Angelo

56B                Brianna and Mudrik

I would like to thank the students, staff and parents of Albion for all of the wonderful effort they put into this day and every other day. It truly is a SUPER school!

Yours in reading!

Sally Tikulin

Curator and Custodian of the Collection.