Cyber Safety

Lots of great information is provided from our involvement with the Cyber Safety Project team. Click on the link for latest update and live webinar series. Contained within are some ideas for the holidays too. (You will also find the holiday ideas on the parent portal link further below).

Cyber Safety Updates

Students should understand the concept of 'See, We and Me' spaces. The ‘see’ space is open for anyone in the world to see what is published online. The ‘we’ space is where you invite, request and then accept people you know into your space. The ‘me’ space is for ‘my eyes only’ and requires a password to access. Students also need to learn that people can see posts made on social media and they need to think how it can be viewed from different perspectives and how it can impact them.


‘THINK about how you FEEL’ is a safety strategy, emphasising that our emotions (how we feel) are a great indicator that something might not be right or safe online. 

To access the parent portal on the Cyber Safety Project website, please use the following link.

Another website talked about was the Office of the eSafety Commissioner. The link to this website has been listed in the school’s newsletter on numerous occasions over the years. It has some helpful information about different apps, games and social media platforms as well as skills and advice for parents and carers.

Please utilise these great resources to help keep children safe online.