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We are pleased to announce that the Toy Library has found a new venue at Sunshine College, Senior Campus with entrance in Leith Avenue, Sunshine.  
The school has had a wonderful relationship with the Toy Library over the last three years and would have very much liked to be able to keep housing the Albion and Friends Toy Community Toy Library at school. However, due to the upcoming school capital works, the school requires the room currently housing the toy library for school use. Once the works are completed, the building that houses the library will be demolished. It was initailly thought and hoped that the school may have been able to house the toy library once the works were complete, however, with the continued gentle growth in school population, the school will need all of the space. Unfortunately in this situation, priority had to be given to the school's needs.
The school will continue to support the Toy Library any way it can and we wish it every success at its new venue.