Collaborative Mural

Albion Primary School has been working in collaboration with Victoria University's Design and Graphics department to create the mural on one of our blank walls.

The school was approached by VU staff about utilising the skills of the Design and Graphics students at VU to paint a mural on the brick garage. The VU students usually get to paint their designs on a brick wall at the university but the designs get painted over, ready for the next class. This joint project allows the VU students to have their design and work remain in a permanent position for years to come.

The Albion Primary student leaders - house captains, positions of responsibility leaders and Junior School Council members - came together to create an agreed set of concepts they wanted as part of the design. These included animals, plants and the school's values. A design brief was sent to VU and the team there created a design. The design was approved by the school's student leaders and what you can now see on the garage walls is the result of this collaboration.

It is all finished and is a wonderful new addition to our school. You can view it from Adelaide Street.