Junior School Council

Junior School Council activities

The Junior School Council is made up of two representatives from each class from Prep - Year 6.

In 2017, the representatives are:

P1A - Cindy and Eben

P1B - Mehak and Hayley

12A - Mohamed and Sana

12B - Zaid and Taha

34A - Hamzah and Fide

34B - Vicky and Mudrik

56A - Joel and Tyra

56B - Phoebe and Hao

They organise fund raising events for causes they feel a connection to and that are worth contributing to. The sorts of events they organise include:

  •  Wear yellow day
  •  Football dress up day
  •  Red Nose Day 
  •  Funky Hair Day 
  •  Casual clothes day 

The organisations they assist include:

  • Cancer Council of Australia
  • SIDS Foundation
  • Cerebral Palsy Foundation
  • State Schools' Relief
  • Pet House Shelter
  • Children's Cancer Foundation